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Hydraulic shearing machine for safe operation

Hydraulic cut Board machine security operation
1, and operation Qian prepared
1) cleaning the parts surface oil, note ball valve should in opened location;
2) the lubrication parts injected grease;
3) in tank in the joined N32-N46 heavy of hydraulic oil (oil liquid must filter);
4) machine grounding, connected power, check the electrical action of coordination sex;
5) drive Qian, Especially when the accumulator needs refilling must check whether the position of the ball head.
6) operation to wear tight clothing, cuff buckle, open the jacket hem that should not be changing clothes, start wearing next to the machine removing, or cloth from the body, preventing the machine from ground injuries. Not wear slippers. Shearing machine operators must be familiar with shearing machine structure, performance, and usage.
7) shear plates, must be hard scar-free, welding slag, slag inclusions, welding material, not allowed thickness.
2, and machine operation
1) started machine for air turned several cycle, in ensure all normal situation Xia, try cut different thickness Board material (by thin to thick);
2) in shear Shi open pressure table switch, observation oil pressure value, as has not normal, can adjustment spill flow valve, makes of is provides requirements;
3) according to Board thick adjustment blade clearance to right location;
4) put Board material handling to table Shang put good;
5) according to crop board material size, Adjustment good Hou block material Board to appropriate location;
6) light push plate makes Board side and block material Board contact, on good shear size;
7) stepped on Xia foot switch cut broken plate;
8) repeat 4) ~6) shear Xia a board material;
9) cut finished a/Zhang plate Hou for a repeat 4) ~8) processing;
10) work finished Hou off power, on equipment for daily maintenance