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Talk about machine maintenance

Coiling machine, in its work, what should we do to maintain it? One aspect which is of interest to you, so today, small update this opportunity to talk about this aspect, I hope that all of the following can clearly understand and master, which can very well go in the practical application, and extend the service life of the machine. Below that, we're going to go.
before the class (1) should need lubrication the device, should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of, and attention to the oil clean.
(2) on the power supply switch, earthing devices, parts, drive couplings, safety devices and other checks, is intact, and is normal.
(1) to observe and check the motor, its sensitivity and reliability, temperature rise, noise and vibration is normal.
(2) reliability of the electrical safety devices and transmission components, such as whether there are abnormal.
after class (1) power off the device, inspect, clean, and clean and well lubricated.
(2) to clean and sort of working environment, so that it remains clean, no debris.