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On protection procedures of medium plate bending machine

Small and medium plate rolling machine, which protects the contents of procedures:
(1) equipment lubrication is essential and to be carried out in accordance with the requirements to ensure lubrication.
(2), should be rationally set the machine parameters, the sheet thickness and length should be within the specified range, and sheet material yield limit should be less than 250MPa.
(3) when bending machine roll on up to the limit position, should pay attention to the safe operation of the equipment this way.
(4) machine operation with people, you should follow the command, do not receive the password, you cannot start the machine.
(5) operation of the coil, then the operator should pay attention to safety, in order to avoid accidents.
(6) machine after use should be promptly cut off power to the device, and cleaning work, as well as to clean up the site.