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Safe operation of symmetric three rolls plate machine learning

On symmetric three rolls plate bending machine for safe operation, including:
(1) the material in front of the roll, the surface should be cleaned to avoid its rolling work roll surface damage, making bending machine is not working properly.
(2) roller coiling machine up and down is not crushed, until you want to leave some gaps, otherwise there will be a problem.
(3) should have the necessary lubrication maintenance of equipment, in particular its friction parts and lubrication should be in place only to ensure that its service life.
(4) lubricant quantity should be sufficient, oil temperature, when the device is running, the highest temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius.
(5) rolling machine bearings, its temperature must not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius.
(6) rolling machine before starting, to load test run, no problem to start running.