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Four-roll plate bending machine learning

For the four-roll plate bending machine this machine, we study whether it should continue to carry on? It is of interest to you, xiaobian specifically looked at the previous article and found that it was not enough, so had to go on line, or fail to fully understand the product, will also affect the product.
1. four-roll plate bending machine, and what is the difference between three-roll plate bending machine?
a: four-roll plate bending, it is able to achieve full functionality for plate bending machine, but three-roll bending machine is only partially functional. Therefore, this price is not the same, four-much higher than the three-roller roller.
2. four-roll plate bending machine roller not moving, what is its cause?
a: for this failure, hydraulic control of the machine check whether there should be problems, if there are no problems, so check the side roll and side roll guide Groove of the bearing between the intervention, if any should be resolved in a timely manner.
3. four-roll plate bending machine is generally a reference standard?
a: four-roll plate bending machine, the reference standard:
JB/T8796-1998 the four-roll plate bending machine specification: plate accuracy requirement standard